一 周 新 闻 摘 选从政治到商业,从科技到娱乐,从海内到海外,这里有你需要知道的一周新闻摘选。Tributes are pouring in from the...

一 周 新 闻 摘 选


Tributes are pouring in from the worlds of entertainment and politics for Aretha Franklin, the US singer known as the Queen of Soul, who has died at 76. Franklin performed at inauguration events for three US presidents and was a powerful advocate for the civil rights movement. "For more than 50 years, she stirred our souls," Bill and Hillary Clinton said in a joint statement. Remembered for hits like Respect and I Say A Little Prayer, Franklin won 18 Grammys and had 17 Top Ten US chart hits over a musical career spanning seven decades.

被称为“灵魂女王”(Queen of Soul)的美国歌手艾瑞莎·富兰克林(Aretha Franklin)于本周四去世,享年76岁。来自娱乐和政治领域的悼念的很多人士都对她表示悼念。富兰克林曾在三位美国总统的就职典礼上表演,并且是民权运动的有力倡导者。比尔和希拉里克林顿在一份联合声明中说道:“50多年来,她激起了我们的灵魂”。富兰克林曾18次获得了格莱美奖项,并在七十年的音乐生涯中17次登上美国十大排行榜。

The US has threatened to impose more economic sanctions on Turkey if it does not free a detained American pastor. Andrew Brunson has been held in Turkey for nearly two years over alleged links to political groups. The dispute over his release has seen the two Nato allies impose tariffs on one another's goods. This has worsened a crisis for Turkey's currency, the lira, which has lost about a third of its value against the dollar since January.

美国威胁要对土耳其施加更多的经济制裁,如果它不释放一名被拘留的美国牧师。Andrew Brunson因涉嫌与政治团体有关联而在土耳其待了近两年。关于他释放的争议已经导致两个北约盟友对彼此的货物征收关税。这加剧了土耳其货币危机的危机,里拉自1月份以来已经损失了大约三分之一的兑美元汇率。

A UN panel has called for the release of a leading Bahraini human rights activist jailed for "spreading fake news" and "insulting a statutory body". Nabeel Rajab's convictions were unlawful and violated his freedom of expression, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention said. He has served several years in prison since playing a leading role in a pro-democracy uprising in 2011. The government insisted Rajab's trials had been independent and transparent.

一个联合国小组呼吁释放一名巴林人权活动人士,其因“传播假新闻”和“侮辱法定机构”而被判入狱。任意拘留问题工作组称,Nabeel Rajab的定罪是非法的,侵犯了他的言论自由。自从2011年在民主起义中发挥主导作用以来,他已服刑数年。但政府坚持认为对Rajab的审判是独立和透明的。

Between 20,000 and 30,000 Islamic State (IS) militants remain in Syria and Iraq despite the group's recent losses, according to a United Nations report. The report says that while many fighters, planners and commanders have been killed, some IS members continue to be fully engaged militarily. Last month, more than 200 people were killed and around 30 Druze women and children taken captive in an large-scale attack by IS militants in south-west Syria.


House of Fraser has said it will cancel all online orders and refund customers after a dispute with its warehouse operator meant deliveries were delayed. It follows an outcry from customers who had not received goods ordered online. Its warehouse operator, XPO Logistics, stopped processing orders late last week because of a payment dispute. House of Fraser has told over 1,000 suppliers it will not pay money owed before 10 August, when Sports Direct bought the chain out of administration.

在与仓库运营商发生争议后House of Fraser表示,将取消所有在线订单并退还客户。

此前,未收到在线订购商品的客户强烈抗议。由于付款纠纷,其仓库运营商XPO Logistics上周晚些时候停止处理订单。当时Sports Direct从管理层购买了该连锁店时,House of Fraser告诉超过1000家供应商,它将不会支付8月10日之前所欠的款项。

Online sales at the US retail giant Walmart soared 40% in the last three months helping boost overall sales to $128bn (£101bn). Walmart shares jumped 10% ahead of the opening of the New York stock market. President and chief executive Doug McMillion said: "We're leveraging stores and e-commerce to make shopping faster and more convenient." Walmart's UK subsidary Asda, which is merging with Sainsbury's, reported a 0.4% rise in like-for-like sales.

美国零售巨头沃尔玛的在线销售在过去三个月飙升了40%,帮助推动整体销售额达到1280亿美元。沃尔玛股价在纽约股市开盘前上涨10%。总裁兼首席执行官Doug McMillion表示:“我们利用商店和电子商务使购物更快捷,更方便。“ 沃尔玛的英国子公司Asda与Sainsbury's合并,报告称同类销售额增长0.4%。

Staff at Vodafone call centres have broken the rules about security checks and left customers vulnerable to fraud. Criminals posing as genuine customers have gained access to some accounts even though they failed to correctly answer security questions. A whistleblower told the BBC it happens because of pressure on call centre staff to meet customer satisfaction targets. Vodafone said it takes security "extremely seriously".


President Trump has signed an order relaxing rules around the use of cyber-weapons, the Wall Street Journal reports. It is a reversal of guidelines, drawn up und er President Obama, which required a large number of federal agencies to be involved in any decision to launch a cyber-attack. Specific details of what the new rules will be are classified information. One official said the US was taking "an offensive step forward".